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Organic Corn Approach for 2019

It is time to get final plans together for the 2019 growing season. Watch the video to hear David Yoder discuss our recommended strategy for growing organic corn this year. Stay tuned to hear our recommendations for the conventional side and our soybean plans.

Hey everybody, my name is David Yoder. I’m coming to you from the research farm here in Garden City, Missouri. Today I’m going to talk to you about our 2019 approach to planting organic corn.

One thing we are doing, which is something we have been doing for about three years, is we have a product called BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn. It’s a seed-box treatment we put on the corn. It goes on in the planter box and is really easy to apply. It’s really easy to use. We’ve had some really good ROI’s on that product.

Another thing we are using is our liquid chicken litter. When we plant, we are running that in-furrow. We’re seeing some really good results from that.

Once our corn is planted, for weed control on the organic side we are using our burners. We are burning our corn at that three-leaf stage. Then we will come in and mechanically cultivate a couple of times. When the corn is about knee-high, if we need to we will come back in and burn the corn again. That cleans everything up in the row.

On the foliar side, we are using our BigSweetYield along with our liquid chicken litter. We’re coming in about that V4 stage and applying that. That’s giving our corn a shot of nutrients to keep growing and produce really well.

A lot of times we’ve got issues with insects or fungus. We do have organic fungicides we are using. They’re pretty low cost. On the insecticides, we’ve had a lot of success with using our burners. They are really helping with the insect control. Our sweeteners are of course helping with our insect control. We also have access to some organic insecticides. They are a little pricy, but if you have a situation and have a field you need to rescue, it is an option.

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