Rod Smith of F3 Systems Discusses High Yield Corn and BP In-Furrow

Okay, my name is Rod Smith from Cleveland, Missouri, west-central Cass County. In our operation we farm 2700 acres, 50/50 rotation, corn/bean rotation. Prior to using BP In-Furrow we were just doing things the normal way. Just the normal fertilizer program, and now we’ve started to try to be innovative and come up with new ideas and started to use In-Furrow fertilizers.

It has had great success with it; we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in plant emergence timing, plant health and overall yield. We’ve been very pleased with the BP In-Furrow.

The BP In-Furrow has been a big asset to our operation. We have seen a tremendous improvement in plant health, plant emergence time and overall yield, which puts money in my pocket. So, we’re very happy with BP In-Furrow.

BP Foliar Plus has everything in it that we need to ensure that our crop is going to make it through the end of the season. With all the fungicides out there today and insecticides and everything, we can go to Ag Team Professionals or Missouri Food and Fiber ( and come up with one product that has it all there together.

Ag Team Professionals have been a big asset to us making our decisions from year to year. They come up with great research and development and have a lot of data that substantiates the yield overall. So, we’ve been very happy with Ag Team Professionals.

Ag Team Professionals and Missour Food and Fiber (MOF2) are organizations that contribute to the efforts of the Team.

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