Support Phosphorus Uptake to Get Big Yields

In recent weeks, we at have watched spring planting advance throughout the country, and we’re excited about the growing season ahead!

As growers like you continue to plant and tend crops this spring, we at emphasize utilizing all the tools that you can to cost-effectively maximize yields. Driving yields and earning a return on yield-enhancement practices are vital as commodity prices are low.

We view proper nutrient supplementation as one key strategy to growing high-yielding crops. Phosphorus is a macro nutrient that plays an incredible role in crop growth and development. It contributes to plant health and growth by supporting cell elongation and division and enabling sugars and starches to move throughout a plant’s tissues, according to this story from AgPro magazine.

Early during a growing season, the AgPro story explains that corn particularly requires phosphorus, and corn provided enough phosphorus can yield significantly better than corn that lacks enough phosphorus. In fact, yields may improve by as much as 40 bushels per acre when corn has had adequate phosphorus.

Applying phosphorus to a field is just the first step to ensure that the nutrient is available for plant utilization. Soil microbes can convert organic phosphate into inorganic phosphorus that plants can absorb. Plus, the microbes themselves can use use the phosphorus, according to the AgPro story.

If fertilizer application is one item lingering on your to-do list, then we encourage you to try adding our BP FA to your dry fertilizer program. BP FA blends multiple beneficial bacteria into a treatment that’s applied to dry fertilizer. If you’ve considered trying a biological, then our BP FA offers an easy opportunity to experiment with biologicals.

The microbes present in the beneficial bacteria play the important roles highlighted earlier. That includes making phosphorus available to plants. Other BP FA benefits that we’ve seen include protecting crops from soil-borne diseases, improving plant vigor and early development and supporting strong root development.

Additionally, applying the BP FA to dry fertilizer helps to control fertilizer dust. For more details about the product’s dust control role and product application recommendations, watch John Ortiz of and Ben Snook of NeCo Seeds in this video.

If you’d like more information about making phosphorus available to your crop or adding BP FA to your crop nutrient plan, then please contact us anytime!

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