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The BigYield Spotlight – The Importance of Glucose

BigYield Spotlight - The Importance of Glucose

Kent Kauffman discusses the importance of glucose in crop growth, and discusses how BigSweetYield contains glucose.

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This segment originally aired on May 22, 2017.

Audio Transcription

Kyle: It’s time for the BigYield Spotlight. I’m Kyle Hill once again joined in-studio by Kent Kauffman of Welcome back.

Kent: Thanks for having me Kyle.

Kyle: Today we’re talking about the importance of glucose in plants. Well, let’s face it, it’s important.

Kent: Yes Kyle, glucose is very important. It’s the main food source for plants. It’s what they make when they do photosynthesis. It’s also their main carbon source, which is what they’re making when they split CO2. It’s the universal building block for both plants and animals.

Kyle: You have a product that provides a shot of glucose. Tell us a bit about that.

Kent: Yes, we have a product called BigSweetYield. This is our cold-processed sweetener.

Kyle: How does BigSweetYield help plants?

Kent: Well Kyle, whenever a plant has an abundant amount of glucose, they can synthesize their starch and cellulose effectively. Basically, then start out with that short glucose, then they make their long sugars – such as their starch. When we apply the BigSweetYield, we jumpstart this process so the plant can spend a little less time making that glucose and a little more time making starch and cellulose. So you have the bigger, stronger, higher-yielding plant.

Kyle: To stress the importance of glucose in plants, what happens if a plant doesn’t get enough?

Kent: If you don’t get enough glucose, you’re going to notice several different issues in your plants. It starts from the plant is going to have to focus on getting just enough energy to survive. That is all it’s going to be focused on – surviving. So your plant is going to have poor roots, it’s going to have a weaker stalk, and it’s going to produce lower yields. Those are the big issues, that is why you really want to focus on that plant health and on that glucose. You’ll notice it just walking out in your fields whenever you put the BigSweetYield on your field – you’ll notice an immediate green-up the next day. That is because the plants got that shot of glucose. If it doesn’t have that, that is when you start getting the wilting issues and things like that.

Kyle: And BigSweetYield doesn’t just help the plant, it also helps the soil?

Kent: Yes, glucose is also the building blocks for your microbes and all your beneficial bugs and things like that in your soil. The more glucose they have, the more they can also make their complex carbs and their ATP – which is the energy source for all of your animals. This lets them get all the nutrients they need for your crops and get them to your crops. They work in a little economy.

Kyle: What crops will benefit from BigSweetYield?

Kent: Almost all of your row crops and large scale crops will benefit from the BigSweetYield. Corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, hay and milo – all of those are going to benefit from this product. The timings and rates will vary with each crop. I personally use one pound of BigSweetYield every time we go over our corn and soybeans. I vary the rates on wheat, alfalfa, and hay depending on how many cuttings I’m looking for and how many times I plan on going over those fields in a growing season.

Kyle: It sounds like no matter how many times you need to go out there, you put on the BigSweetYield and you’re getting big sweet yields?

Kent: Yes Kyle we are.

Kyle: If someone has questions about BigSweetYield or any of the seed treatments available from, how can get ahold of you?

Kent: They can get ahold of us online at They can call us toll-free at 844-242-4367. They can also stop by the research farm off of route 7 near Garden City. We have huge signs and you can’t miss it. We’re also on Facebook.

Kyle: Once again visiting with Kent Kauffman of Great to have your perspective in the studio today. We’ll catch up with you again soon.

Kent: Thanks Kyle.

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