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Demand Prospects for Old- and New-Crop Soybeans

Soybean Field

Demand in the U.S. corn market appears to be plateauing, but there’s still hope for soybeans.   The recent sharp break in old crop soybean prices and basis indicates that the market believes that supplies will be fully adequate until the harvest of the new crop begins in six or seven weeks. For that to be the case, the domestic ... Read More »

Foliar Corn Diseases Rising

Corn Picture

The wet, cool spring that hampered many farmers’ efforts to get their crops planted this spring are again coming back to bite them, this time in the form of the threat of foliar diseases that could inflict damage to the growing corn crop. Purdue University Extension plant pathologist Kiersten Wise says she’s hearing reports of field conditions rife for the ... Read More »

Tech Trends That Supersize Yields


Seed companies look beyond genetics for new ways to boost bushels Your favorite seed company has varieties or hybrids that produce profitable yields. Of course it does—if it didn’t, it wouldn’t stay in business. Because high-yielding germplasm is an expectation no matter the source, farmers are seeking out high-tech solutions to better manage their seeds and harvest their full potential. ... Read More »

Looking for an Affordable and Effective Organic Pesticide? Look No Further!

100% Organic Soybean Pesticide

When Soy-100 is applied directly to plants, it is immediately soaked into the plant.  Once the product is deep inside the plant, the sugar content of the plant rises.  If you are skeptical, go pour a sugary beverage on a patch of grass in your front lawn. Check back on the spot in one week and you will understand exactly ... Read More »

Corn Belt Researchers Advance Soybean Science

Corn Belt Researchers Advance Soybean Science

The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts the nation’s farmers will deliver a record 3.42 billion bushels of soybeans this year. The USDA is also forecasting that this year for the first time Brazil will overtake the United States as the world’s leading producer of soybeans. That means the pressure is on American soybean farmers like Brian Flatt, 41, to eke out even more soybeans ... Read More »

Dean Alexander High Yield Corn Crop

Dean Alexander High Yield Corn Crop

Hello, this is Dean Alexander with Alexander Farms. I want to show you a comparison today of what we’ve used for starter fertilizer this year. This is our first year using it. And if you look here I’ve got three samples here. This is corn that was used with starter fertilizer on it. We put four gallons an acre on. ... Read More »

Bob Joehl High Yield Corn Crop

Bob Joehl’s High Yield Corn Crop

Crop planted in the middle of May. In-furrow fertilization used. Tremendous response. We’ve had 16″ – 21″ scattered rainfall in the last six weeks in the spring of growing corn. Corn that normally gets planted in the end of April here got planted in the middle of May, so you can see what kind of response we’ve had to the ... Read More »

Bay Farms Missouri Soybean Research Plot Update

Bay Farms Missouri Soybean Research Plot Update

This is Bill Cook. It’s July 1. I’m at the Bay Farms. We’re looking over research plots. You can see this plot just got planted about a week ago, around the 25th just coming up. The earlier plot’s about almost a month earlier. We should get some pretty good data out of this plot here. Some of this is uh… ... Read More »

High Yield Wheat Harvest

High Yield Wheat Harvest

Here we are at BigYield.us. Today is June 28th. It is 8:34 AM. We are cutting our wheat plot, hoping for high yields. We are thinking everything should be in the 80 to 100 bushel yield range. We just cut a field 118.5 bushel to the acre was the average on the in-furrow wheat trials we’ve done. Be sure and ... Read More »