Friday, September 22nd 2023

Dean Alexander High Yield Corn Crop

Hello, this is Dean Alexander with Alexander Farms.

I want to show you a comparison today of what we’ve used for starter fertilizer this year. This is our first year using it. And if you look here I’ve got three samples here. This is corn that was used with starter fertilizer on it. We put four gallons an acre on. Look at the size of the stalk and the. And how fast this thing came out of the ground.

This is corn that was planted three days later using the same formulation, same starter. And then this is what impresses me is here’s a neighbor that he was planting across the fence from me that night. And look at the difference between the brace roots, the stalks, the diameter, and the leaves. Exact same planting day but just different program.

I’m very happy with John’s program with this starter fertilizer. I know it’s going to make me money. I know my yields are going to increase, and I strongly recommend anybody that’s thinking about using a starter program to really study hard and see what it will do with you and your farm operation.

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  1. Those are impressive results so far, Dean. I’d like to see you come back at pre-harvest and report on your results at that point in time.

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