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Celebrating Agriculture on Earth Day

Celebrating Agriculture on Earth Day

Yesterday marked the annual Earth Day activities. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day symbolizes a time for discussing and honoring our environment. Throughout the week, you likely heard about sustainability and environmental issues, especially because at least 1 billion people were estimated to observe Earth Day. With this participation, Earth Day represents the world’s largest civic celebration. It’s been said ... Read More »

Make Manganese Micronutrient Levels a Priority

Manganese Micronutrient Levels

A couple of weeks ago, we shared about the Yield BoosterTM product from available from BigYield.us®. It supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and seven micronutrients that support plant growth and yield potential. Boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, sodium molybate and zinc are the seven micronutrients found in the Yield Booster micronutrient blend. As one of the seven Yield Booster micronutrients, manganese has ... Read More »

Using Yield Booster on Soybeans


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Good Research Guides Good Decision-Making

Good Research Guides Good Decisions

At BigYield.us, we rely a lot on research. We design field trials every year that test seed, yield-enhancers and other crop inputs. We also use technology to track our research work and measure results. Through these efforts, our goal is to empower decision-making with good data. You’re likely hearing more about “big data,” and increasingly, you have all kinds of ... Read More »

The Farm Research Center Goes All Non-GMO for Corn

All Non-GMO for Corn

Without a doubt, non-GMO agriculture, ingredients and food products have received a lot of attention lately. In March, Mintel, a market research company, shared that newly launched products have increasingly used a non-GMO or GMO-free claim. In fact, the Mintel data suggest that non-GMO claim use has increased quickly. For context, 15.7 percent of new U.S. products made a non-GMO ... Read More »

Non-GMO Corn Research at BigYield.us

Non-GMO Corn Research

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Bigger Yields May Demand More Micronutrients

Bigger Yields Demand More Micronutrients

Among crop producers, harvesting a high-yielding crop is a benchmark for success. Various practices and tools are evaluated based on whether they maximize yields and improve profitability potential. At BigYield.us®, we view supplementing micronutrient levels as one – in many cases, untapped – strategy to increase yields. The Yield BoosterTM product from BigYield.us blends the three macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus ... Read More »

Using Yield Booster on Corn


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Condition Soil Using Humic and Fulvic Acids

Threats to Soil Security

Soil serves as the foundation for growing plants. Conditioning it and optimizing soil health can pay dividends because healthy soil creates conditions for producing high-yielding, high-quality crops. We at BigYield.us recently introduced a soil conditioner made from humic and fulvic acids. Named Dinosaur Dirt, the product originates from naturally occurring oxidized coal that is high in humified organic matter and ... Read More »