Make Manganese Micronutrient Levels a Priority

A couple of weeks ago, we shared about the Yield BoosterTM product from available from®. It supplies nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and seven micronutrients that support plant growth and yield potential. Boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, sodium molybate and zinc are the seven micronutrients found in the Yield Booster micronutrient blend.

As one of the seven Yield Booster micronutrients, manganese has several important roles in supporting plant development and growth. A Cornell University guide sheet reports that crops require manganese to form chloroplasts, conduct photosynthesis, metabolize nitrogen and generate several enzymes.

Crops such as soybeans and wheat tend to need more manganese than other crops like corn. Soils prone to manganese deficiencies or availability issues may have high pH levels; high organic matter content; poor moisture levels; or cold and wet characteristics, according to the Cornell University guide sheet. Toxicity issues may arise if soil has inadequate drainage or measures an acidic pH level.

To detect a manganese deficiency, look for young leaves to display dark green veins that diffuse to a yellow color between the leaf veins. Such symptoms are otherwise known as interveinal chlorosis. Note that a magnesium deficiency triggers similar symptoms, but usually, magnesium deficiency symptoms instead appear in older leaves. To measure manganese levels, producers can choose to test the soil or plant tissue, and if necessary, then they can use a test reading to develop a remediation plan.

In soybeans, recommends applying Yield Booster at 1 quart to 2 quarts per acre during the V3-V4 growth stage.

If you have questions about using Yield Booster or managing manganese levels on your farm, then contact us anytime.

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