Biologicals Q and A – What Do Biologicals Do?

Good MicroorganismsThis information has been adapted from a regular column titled “John’s Jargon” that appears in the Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine. The magazine is a publication produced by the Missouri Soybean Association and is distributed to more than 28,000 Farmers throughout Missouri and in neighboring states.

Question: What do Biologicals do?

Answer: Biologicals, or microbials, have demonstrated their ability to significantly improve your plant’s health. This bacteria produces metabolites of a fungicidal and bacterial nature that actively boosts a plant’s immune system, giving it the ability to survive in conditions that it might not survive otherwise. Just by having a biological organism in proximity to your plant can cause it to respond by activating and increasing the operation of its own immune system. Biologicals have also shown to positively overwhelm the atmosphere around a plant’s root system and create a defensive zone that doesn’t allow pathogens to ever gain access to its tissues. Both of these responses boost your plant’s health and create a stronger plant.

Stay tuned as we post more information about the impact and results of biologicals and microbial formulations on crop yields and plant health.

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