Friday, September 22nd 2023

Derek Fox

Soybean Smart Plot in Concordia, Missouri Displays Higher Yields

Soybean Smart Plot in Concordia, Missouri, Displays Higher Yields

This is Bill Cook, and I’m in Mr. Krause’s plots. This is one of our smart plant locations up in Concordia. So… we’re not too far from harvest, and these beans look really good. They’ve been really dry this year, but we still have a lot of opportunity. We thought this plot would be over 80 bushel, one of the Smart …

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Looking for 300 Bushel Corn? Let Us Show You How to Get It!

Looking for 300 Bushel Corn? We Have the Recipe

Hi, I’m Kellen Bounous, with big yield, today is September 17th and we’re going to be looking at some corn today that a farmer here in the Garden City area planted. He was set up with John Deere planter, 20, 36 row, with a 30,000 seed population. Franklin Weaver here is going to talk a little bit about the program …

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Big Yield and the HHR

Big Yield HHR

As you can imagine, we keep quite a few vehicles over here at the Campus.  You already know about the Big Yield Bus. But most of the other vehicles are trucks. One exception is the HHR. We just got back from picking her up at the sign shop. Yes, looks like the HHR got some graphics applied to it …

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Field Day at Boden Seed in Montrose, Missouri

John Ortiz Discusses Soybean Plant Comparison

Today the Big Yield Team was down in Montrose, Missouri, at a growers meeting hosted by Wayne and Ed Boden of Boden Seed. We were invited to come down and talk to a group of 40 farmers and a group of FFA students about the success of our high yielding Smart Plot soybeans that we’ve been managing for the Bodens’. …

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The Big Yield Bus Gets a Facelift

Big Yield Bus with Graphics

One of the things we do a LOT of over here at is show people what we’re growing in our Research Plots. It doesn’t matter whether we’re showing them our 100 Bushel Soybeans, our 300 Bushel Corn, or our 100 Bushel Wheat… correction, our 164 Bushel Wheat, which by the way, you can read all about by downloading our …

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Dean Alexander High Yield Corn Crop

Dean Alexander High Yield Corn Crop

Hello, this is Dean Alexander with Alexander Farms. I want to show you a comparison today of what we’ve used for starter fertilizer this year. This is our first year using it. And if you look here I’ve got three samples here. This is corn that was used with starter fertilizer on it. We put four gallons an acre on. …

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Bob Joehl High Yield Corn Crop

Bob Joehl’s High Yield Corn Crop

Crop planted in the middle of May. In-furrow fertilization used. Tremendous response. We’ve had 16″ – 21″ scattered rainfall in the last six weeks in the spring of growing corn. Corn that normally gets planted in the end of April here got planted in the middle of May, so you can see what kind of response we’ve had to the …

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