Friday, September 22nd 2023

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Hi. My name’s John Ortiz. Welcome to the Farm Research Center located in Garden City, Missouri.

This is one of the many experiments that we do here at the research facility. It all starts with the seed. Today we’re going to be sharing with you how to increase your bottom line, reduce your costs, and make you more efficient. This is Mr. Franklin Weaver and he’s going to share with you how we do that by using our products.

Hi. My name is Franklin Weaver. And this is one of the tests that we do here. One of the experiments that does start with a seed. We do test in here in our little lab. We also have in field test. And then we have a scientific team that does third party research for us. And some of the products that we research I’d like to introduce… these are specifically formulated with our scientific team and you can get these at your local suppliers.

The first product is BP-FA. This is a product that impregnates right on the dry fertilizer.

Then you have BP In-Furrow. This goes in the row on corn.

Then you have BP Foliar. Now on the Foliar side this can be on all crops.

Then you have BP-Foliar Plus. This is geared a little more towards soybeans. This has something in it called Yield Booster. It’s a micro-pack. It’s got seven micro-nutrients in it.

Then you have Bushel Blaster. Bushel Blaster is a special formulated 3-18-18 that has a phosphorus stabilizer already in it.

Those were the five main products that we did most of our research on and that we have blended and put together, and it’s given us the most yield.

And with that I’d like to turn it back over to Mr. John Ortiz.

Okay. So, with the use of these products we’re going to make you money by increasing your yields. We’re going to save you money by increasing the availability of nutrient resources. And we’re going to save you time by extrusion blending your specific products that fit specific situations on your farm with out custom engineered blending system

So be sure to follow us on throughout the year, and have a great summer.





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